Episode 229

After a break during some blazing hot weather, I’ve returned to knitting on my Yell cardigan. Thank goodness. I’ve also started a new project with some handspun from stash, and I talk about my TdF spin and sewing projects. Plus, an August poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay. It’s all in this week’s episode. Enjoy.

Upcoming classes at Hope’s Favorite Things in Richmond, PA

  • Suspended Spindle Class on Saturday, October 5th
  • Tubular Cast-on and Bind Off on Thursday, November 14th

The Back Porch

Tour de Fleece spin: 3-ply 2 ways

  • 170 yards chain ply
  • 180 yards traditional 3-ply

The Front Porch

And Sew Forth

Off the Shelf

Episode 228

A finished sweater,  progress on a sock spin, and a new source for fabric to make a wearable muslin!

The Back Porch

Niamh by Isabell Kraemer

Tour de Fleece

I’m spinning for sock yarn on my Louët S10 DT using beautiful fiber from Inglenook Fibers.

Interweave article by Star Athena

And Sew Forth

The pattern is the Camber Set by Merchant & Mills.  The fabric is salvaged from a Pier 1 Shibori Throw on deep discount.  I modified the dress by shortening slightly and adding side vents.

Future sewing project: Cal Patch’s Draft and Sew Wide Leg Pants on Creativebug

Off the Shelf

This week I read from an essay titled “Landing on a Dream: The Moon in Poetry” by Austin Allen.



Episode 227

It’s hot, humid, and I’m working on house projects at Yin Hoo.  My limbs are tired and I can only muster the energy for easy fiber projects at the moment!


Thank you to everyone who has been using the pattern, posting photos, and telling me about your knitting experience.  Yoga socks make great gifts and are a good idea for a portable knitting project.  Keep posting to the Ravelry thread and using #yogisockskal when you share your projects on IG.  I will be donating one dollar to SoulFire Farm for each post you make — let’s work together to make this a sizeable donation!


I’ve been seeing the progress and even some finished projects — wow!  You knitters are amazing.  Keep using the hashtag to post photos and share with other Yarns at Yin Hoo listeners on our Ravelry thread.  I’m a little stalled out on Yell at the moment, but I will regroup in a few weeks’ time.

Hudson Valley Textile Project

Thread Counts is the newsletter of HVTP and a great way to receive updates about events in the Hudson Valley.  I recommend that you check out the calendar of summer / autumn events and subscribe to the newsletter!

The Front Porch

  • Niamh by Isabell Kraemer — now in Blacker Yarns Lyonesse!
  • test knit DK weight hat designed by Meghan of Distelfink Fibers

le Tour de Fleece

Oh, my goodness.  I’m having so much fun spinning up this beautiful braid from Inglenook Fibers.  My goal for the tour is 3-ply two ways as laid out in the “sock yarn” issue of Ply magazine by JoAnna Spring of Knit Spin Farm.

Off the Shelf

Episode 226

The #yogisockskal will continue during July and August.  Use my free pattern for yoga socks on Ravelry and post your progress to Instagram and on the Ravelry thread.  I will be making a donation to SoulFire Farm based on listener posts.

Current Projects

  • Niamh by Isabell Kraemer
  • Yell by Marie Wallin

Off the Shelf

Episode 225

In this episode I provide the details of the #yogisockskal taking place during the month of June.  Want to join in and knit a pair of yoga socks for yourself or a friend?  The directions will unfold on my Ravelry project page over the course of the month.  Post on IG using the hashtag and help me raise funds for Soul Fire Farm’s mission to end racism and injustice in the food system.

The Back Porch

The Front Porch 

I’m contemplating two designs for 1,200 of linen yarn I purchased to knit a 100% linen tee shirt.  In the meantime, I have soaked and thwacked my linen skeins to soften them up.

And Sew Forth

Here’s the #youcanhackit version of Cal Patch’s A-line skirt with invisible side zip and pockets + the mitered side slits of Allie Olson’s Highlands Wrap Dress.  I love it and I’m planning another, with slits shifted to the front and back of a a maxi-length skirt.

Episode 224

So many crafty adventures have happened in the month of May. It’s taken me awhile to get a new episode together, but I have been posting quite faithfully on IG using  #memademay and providing the details of my mostly handmade wardrobe.  In this episode, I talk about two finished knits and one finished garment.  There’s also a quick review of MDSW and a sewing weekend with Cal Patch.

The Back Porch

Finished yoga socks in yarn from Misha’s Obsessions.  I incorporated some design features that I really like and will be working to write up this pattern during the month of June.

Another finished knit is Summer by Ankestrick.  No photos yet, but I’ll be incorporating this t-shirt like sweater into an outfit before the end of May.


Emily and I are working on our Marie Wallin sweaters at MDSW.  In this episode, I dedicate a little time to talking about how I go about making color choices for MW knits.  I’ve also sorted some prizes for the knit along.  Check out the Ravelry thread for photographs and to join in the conversation as we knit along.

Maryland Sheep & Wool

First of all, don’t Emily and I look adorable in our twin Iris shrugs? And I love the way Jaime includes his boots in our photo.

I scored not one but two Jacob fleeces, as well as some beautiful Monhonk light yarn from Jill Draper and this amazing woven mobius shawl from Kathy Dinsmore of The Wandering Vine.

And Sew Forth

I couldn’t be more pleased with my raw silk version of the Highlands Wrap Dress by Allie Olson. In this episode, I give an extensive review of this project and list the three adjustments I made as I cut the pattern.

It was a great weekend of sewing and stitching with Cal Patch when she visited The Wool School at Hope’s Favorite Things to teach a skirt-making class and an embroidery workshop.  If you have the opportunity to take a class with Cal, don’t hesitate.  And if you are near Richmond, PA, check out the classes coming up at The Wool School.

Off the Shelf

Famous” by Naomi Shihab Nye

Videopoems version: a short film incorporating the lines of the poem


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