Episode 309

Contributions to Clean Fleece NY will support the initiative of bringing a scouring facility to the Northeast region of the US. You can help this project move from an exiting idea to a reality. My fiber friends have collaborated on a plan to show me support when you make a financial contribution to a cause that is very important to me. Follow the links below to learn more and donate.

I’ve been working on the Bandit designed by Jamie Thomas, using some combo-spin handspun I’ve had in my stash.
Kathleen (craftbuzz) is the winner of this sweet clothespin bag that is inspired by a Taproot pattern. Congratulations. Each quarter, I send a prize to one of the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast’s Ko-fi contributors. Make a one-time contribution or become a member!
I have selected nine projects from Taproot magazine and I’m planning to make them over the course of 2023. Next up is a recipe perfect for a spring menu — the Mushroom and Leek Tart from Issue 51: IMAGINE.
I keep posting photographs of scones to fill out my cover image, and I forget to talk about them on the episode. I love scones. They can go from savory to sweet, they keep in a tin for several days, and they travel well. I especially enjoy baking scones in this pan from King Arthur. It was a gift from my mother and so I treasure it. Each scone has nice, raised edges! There are some good recipes on the King Arthur Flour website; however, my go-to recipe these days is the Master Scones recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I love it because it provides weight measurements — very important for flour — especially if you like to mix flours together. For these St. Patrick’s inspired soda bread scones, I added some buckwheat flour, caraway seeds, and golden raisins, then topped with Kerrygold butter and my homemade orange marmalade.
The Lillies” by Karenne Wood