Episode 312

Finished these mitts as my first entry into the Knit Spin Farm #outsidethesockCAL. The pattern is Socks vs. Fingerless Mitts by Carri Anne Eikenberry. I used a three by one rib for the body instead of stockinette and I LOVE the way these turned out. Please pause to admire the way the brown stripe works up on each thumb.
Here is the Ogden Cami Dress Hack sewn up in Atelier Brunette Loom in Night, a rayon/linen blend. I was able to get this dress from 1 1/4 yards and I’m very pleased after making a few modifications: pockets from Amy jumpsuit, shifted direction of grainline for bodice, let the bodice lining hang loose inside the dress, widened straps reinforced with lightweight fusible interfacing, incorporating the selvedge into the hem.
I’ve completed the Moonshadow Table Runner from Issue 44 of Taproot magazine. I am very pleased with the results after needing to make a big save thanks to my novice quilting skills. The running stitch around the moons incorporates the front fabric and the batting only, so I created the gridlines to incorporate and stabilize all three layers. I really liked this tutorial for adding the binding.
Recently I had a fun Sunday afternoon in my friend Dee’s basement studio with Lizzy and Elaine of Red Delicious Press in Aurora, CO. Dee and Elaine are both highly skilled in making all kinds of prints and I was pleased with the results on scrap papers that I found around this creative space.
Here is my complete (I think almost complete) wall hanging from a papel picado workshop held in a local cafe. I pulled some of the organic botanicals from my print into this piece, as well as the moon phases. I would like to dye the backing fabric with some botanical dyes and have been saving avocado skins and seeds in my freezer for use in a dyeing project this summer.
Here is one recipe you HAVE to make this summer. I love this cake because of its humble ingredients and no need for special equipment. I used two duck eggs and backed the oil down to 1/4 cup, kept the sugar at 1/3 cup and bulked up the blueberries to 2 cups (some fresh, some frozen). Finally, I added most of a grated lemon rind and some of the juice.
I conclude this episode with an excerpt from Camille T. Dungy’s SOIL: The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden.