Episode 201

It was so hot that I didn’t do much knitting.  I was busy with a number of other projects, however, and managed to find some air conditioned crafting situations over the course of the past two weeks.  As I’m typing up these show notes, it’s a dark and stormy morning here in Delaware Water Gap.  The region is finally getting some much-needed rainfall.

On the Porch

Iris tank by ririko in Elsbeth Lavold LinSilk

Tour de Fleece spinning

  • Hog Island batts
  • Hobbledehoy battlings and assorted fiber samples

Ever-expanding Skill Set

For summer grilling and cooking with lots of produce, check out the Dishing Up the Dirt website or purchase Andrea’s book.  There are simple, nourishing recipes to help you get familiar with veggies you may not have encountered before. I tried the grilled kohlrabi and broccoli with a dipping sauce — delicious off the grill and as a cold salad the next day.

Yes, you MUST try Dori Sanders’ No Churn Ice Cream!  I’ve made the recipe three times. The mouthfeel is rich, but the flavor is a bright and bracing lemon to zap away the heat and humidity. And, there’s no fancy equipment necessary.  All you need is a bowl, a whisk, and an 8×8″ metal pan.

And Sew Forth

Over the course of two days, we worked our way from taking measurements to nearly finished Uniform tunics.

Episode 200

Thank you for your part in the Yarns at Yin Hoo community. It has been nearly five years and I’m so grateful for the friendships, knowledge, skill, and inspiration I’ve acquired as a result of deciding to start a little audio podcast about the fiber arts and other post-apocalyptic skills.  This week, I talk about returning to crochet with Cal Patch’s Boxet Bag.  My entry into the fiber arts was the occasion of learning to crochet in a staff development workshop. I feel so fortunate to have discovered fiber arts through the lens of crochet because it has brought out the best in my technique and understanding.  What is your foundation craft?  How does it continue to influence your making?  I would love to read about it on the Ravelry thread for this episode.

The Back Porch

The Front Porch

Ever-expanding Skill Set

Dori Sanders’ No-Churn Fresh Lemon Ice Cream

Off the Shelf

Episode 199

On Thursday, July 19th, I’ll be facilitating an introduction to spinning on a Turkish spindle at Hope’s Favorite Things near Bangor, PA.  If you’re interested in the class, contact Hope’s shop!

The Back Porch

The Front Porch

Ever-expanding Skill Set

A Mindful Summer

Last summer, I completed the Mindful Educator Essentials course via mindfulschools.org.  Some podcast listeners were curious about my learning, so I created a separate series of audio content on the topic of mindfulness.  You can access it HERE.  This summer, I will participate in the Mindful Summer free online community, which is support network for starting a mindful practice or renewing your commitment to a daily practice.  From July 2 – August 12, there will be weekly inspiration posts and practice tips.  You can get more involved in the community with the APP.  Follow this LINK to sign up or find out more.

Episode 198

In this special edition of the podcast, I include a few of my regular segments, as well as interviews with two fiber arts students in the Gifted & Talented Program at the school where I work.

The Back Porch

Spindle-spun and wheel-plied Hobbledehoy battlings in the Wasabi & Ginger colorway: 541 yards light fingering weight 2-ply. Click HERE for project details.

The Front Porch

I’ve just separated for the sleeves on Brise, an open-front cardigan by Hannah Fetig.  Click HERE for project details.

Friends in Fiber: Two Interviews

Emily displayed her year of accomplishments at the senior art show this week.  Her published designs include:

Let’s help Elysa with her Knit Happens to Help Gold Award project. I will be offering up $25 gift certificates to online yarn / notions / knitting supply shops for each 25 contributions of warm weather wear (hats, scarves, cowls, mittens). Please send me a PM on Ravelry if you’d like to send a contribution.  I can also collect items in person if we happen to be attending the same event.

Off the Shelf

Knitting for Poets: Elizabeth Zimmerman by A. E. Stallings

Episode 197

The Back Porch

Handmade Endless Summer Tunics in knit and woven fabrics radiant despite a light drizzle.  My mother has made several of these and Laura is modeling her first knit version, which is even lovelier in person because she has such a fantastic hand for embroidery. I’m also wearing my completed Iris shrug, which pairs with so many things in my wardrobe that I foresee getting a lot of use out of it this summer.  Join in the #iriskal, which extends to July!  I’m co-hosting this knit-along with Emily of the FibreTown podcast.  Check out our Ravelry pages and post for a chance to win prizes.

Yarn Lover at Large

Some purchases from MDSW.  Battlings from Hobbledehoy; core spun necklaces from Anne Choi; a stole stitched in the kantha tradition from Wild Fibers, and assorted other goodies.

Ever-expanding Skill Set

A favorite recipe for a quick dessert, Rhubarb-ginger Downside Up Oatmeal Cake.  I make this with peaches in the summer, but Samuel really made it special by creating a quilting pattern with the rhubarb!

I couldn’t resist trying this pizza after hearing about it on a recent episode of Good Food.  Tinky Weisblat talks about savory applications for rhubarb and I was smitten with the notion of caramelized onion and rhubarb to make a really tasty pizza topping. YUM!

And Sew Forth

I’ve only recorded one episode of the audio podcast this month, but I’ve been celebrating #mmmay18 by posting photographs of my making on IG.  This has not been easy, but I have really wanted to honor the designers, producers and friends who have helped and inspired me to get this far with my #mostlyhandmadewardrobe.  On a  recent episode of Love to Sew, hosts Helen and Caroline talk about assessing everything you have made, and looking for the gaps in your wardrobe (for me that is where I’m wearing commercially-made items) in order to establish a direction for your making.  This was an incredibly helpful exercise even though I initially resisted it.  I discovered three large gaps that I am ready to address over the next six months: shrugs, sweaters and boleros to wear over sleeveless tops and dresses; pants, leggings and trousers; slightly-structured jackets. Congratulations to everyone who has been celebrating Me Made May by posting photos and stories of their making.



Episode 196

Post your photos of the Humblebee socks on this thread!

Yarn Lover at Large

Learn to Spin on a Turkish Spindle

What if you could create a ball of yarn on your suspended spindle AS you spin?  You can!

Easy to use and lots of fun, Turkish spindles are also a practical choice for hand spinners.  Spin and ply straight from the beautiful center-pull ball you create as you build your cop on to the cross-shaped whorl.  In this two-hour session, you will learn and practice the basics of operating a Turkish spindle:

  • making a half hitch
  • starting a cop
  • building a balanced cop
  • managing a center-pull ball
  • creating 2-ply yarn 

This class is suitable for beginning spinners as well as those who have some experience spinning and want to learn to use a new tool.

Participants will receive instruction and 2 ounces of fiber for spinning.

Purchase a spindle from the selection at Hope’s Favorite Things or bring your own Turkish spindle.

Saturday, May 12th 10-noon
Thursday July 19th 10-noon

Instructor: Sara Bauer
Class Fee: $45


I’m hosting a knit along for this beautiful shrug designed by Melody Hoffmann.  Join me and Emily of FibreTown and create a versatile piece for your warm-weather wardrobe.  Cast on is May 5th!

Off the Shelf

This week I shared “Ted Kooser Is My President” by Naomi Shihab Nye.  The piece appears in her collection titled Honeybee, but I have also found a link to a video of her reading two poems at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in 2008.  The Kooser poem is the second in the recording and begins at 3:00.

Ted Kooser served as the US Poet Laureate from 2004-2006 and has maintained a poetry column to promote interest in American poets.  A free, weekly column available to newspapers and online publications,  American Life in Poetry is a great place to search for accessible poems that give voice to the range of American experiences.

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