Episode 310

In this episode, I have completed a project with handspun yarn and I’m making progress toward my #taprootmake9. Plus, a poem perfect for the spring season from poet Ted Kooser by way of JoAnna Spring.

Episode 309

The Clean Fleece project is sooo close to reaching its campaign goal of $25,000. Find out how you can assist this worthy endeavor. In this episode, I announce the first quarter Ko-fi winner, talk about knitting a new project with handspun, plans for baking one of my Taproot Make 9 selections, and read a poem by Karenne Wood of the Monacan Indian Nation.

Love for HVTP

My fiber friends, in collaboration with the Hudson Valley Textile Project, have launched a campaign to fund important developments in the fiber industry. Listen and make a contribution or share the details.

Episode 308

Will my Winterlight Mittens get a glimpse of winter? Only time will tell! In this episode, I share news, updates, a prize announcement, “Knit to This” suggestions, and the latest details of my projects.

Episode 306

In this episode, I talk about some stitching projects completed over the winter holidays, plus quilting, mending, visiting a textile exhibit, and a poem by Billy Collins.

Episode 305

Thanks to my Ko-fi supporters, I’m returning with poems selected from Days 31-40 of my #100daysproject. Check out my Ko-fi page to find out how to contribute, and to see special posts, prizes, and items up for grabs!

Episode 304

I’ve been finishing up knitting projects — mostly small, as well as planning for the year ahead. This week, I share some excerpts about the importance of realism and specificity in poetry. I also share the results of sewing my first-ever zero waste garment — and what I will pay more attention to next time. Finally, I encourage my fellow fiber enthusiasts to consider funding a scouring facility in the Northeast US.

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