Episode 311

In this episode, I’ve started two new projects with sock yarn, and I’ve begun the final step on the Moonshadow Table Runner. It’s been awhile since my quick trip to MDSW, but I share some of the highlights, like the 1/4 fleece of Lenore that I’m working to scour, prep and spin. There’s some #memademay chatter, and a passage from Wendell Berry.

Episode 310

In this episode, I have completed a project with handspun yarn and I’m making progress toward my #taprootmake9. Plus, a poem perfect for the spring season from poet Ted Kooser by way of JoAnna Spring.

Episode 309

The Clean Fleece project is sooo close to reaching its campaign goal of $25,000. Find out how you can assist this worthy endeavor. In this episode, I announce the first quarter Ko-fi winner, talk about knitting a new project with handspun, plans for baking one of my Taproot Make 9 selections, and read a poem by Karenne Wood of the Monacan Indian Nation.

Love for HVTP

My fiber friends, in collaboration with the Hudson Valley Textile Project, have launched a campaign to fund important developments in the fiber industry. Listen and make a contribution or share the details.

Episode 308

Will my Winterlight Mittens get a glimpse of winter? Only time will tell! In this episode, I share news, updates, a prize announcement, “Knit to This” suggestions, and the latest details of my projects.

Episode 306

In this episode, I talk about some stitching projects completed over the winter holidays, plus quilting, mending, visiting a textile exhibit, and a poem by Billy Collins.

Episode 305

Thanks to my Ko-fi supporters, I’m returning with poems selected from Days 31-40 of my #100daysproject. Check out my Ko-fi page to find out how to contribute, and to see special posts, prizes, and items up for grabs!

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