Episode 282

This episode begins with a list of recent and upcoming fiber events that you can attend in-person and virtually! Then, I continue with updates on my projects and my complete list of summer reading.

Episode 280

In this episode, I talk about my completed KnitLoops socks, a shawl in progress, working on woodturning, and give a recommendation for a BBQ sauce made with rhubarb. Of course there are new socks already on the needles and I share a poem by Jameson Fitzpatrick titled “A Poem for Pulse.”

Episode 279

This episode is focused on institutional responses to Elizabeth Zimmermann’s impact on knitters, knitting, and the industry. Dr. Lilly Marsh discusses evidence of the durability of EZ’s influence.

Episode 278

In this episode, I talk about my completed Derecho sweater, and share the details of several new projects, including Knitloops socks in self-striping yarn from Knit Spin Farm, the Craghill shawl in Distelfink Fiber Farm Raised Fingering, and my entry into the #lostwordsmal. I’ve completed all of the preliminary steps for another garment in negative reverse appliqué, this time with a beautiful fern motif.

Episode 277

So far we’ve been talking about what Elizabeth was doing . . . what avenues she was pursuing and how she was developing the channels she had for communicating to her readers, listeners, and viewers. In this episode, we look at the other side of that conversation — the response of those knitters who were reading, watching and knitting along with Elizabeth. It’s the fan mail episode, full of delightful examples from Dr. Lilly’s several weeks spent combing through the archives of Schoolhouse Press.

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