Episode 264

In this episode, I provide a review of some recently completed knitting and stitching projects, and share some ideas for using espresso powder.  Known as “chocolate’s best friend,” this product deepens, darkens and intensifies all sorts of flavors.  We have had some fun experimenting with it.


I have signed up for Holly Merker’s Basic Birding Skills webinar, hosted by Hawk Mountain.  The cost is $9.40 including fees, and takes place on Thursday, January 21 form 7-8 pm EST.

Afterwards, Yarns at Yin Hoo listeners are invited to join a zoom session.  We will stitch and chat and talk about what we learned from the webinar, as well as our own birding tips and insights.  If you would like a zoom link, contact me via Ravelry, email or IG.

Hello, Waffles.  You are a seriously cute puppy.  LINK to Ravelry project notes.

Currently on the needles:

  • shortie socks knit in KnitSpinFarm’s Apple Cider colorway
  • cabled pillow (gift kit from WildRoseTextiles)


My marsma.  With thanks to Sarah Hunt, who walked Emily and I through this process.  The layout you see above was achieved after hours of maneuvering.  I decided to reverse the motifs so that they can be appreciated when the pouch is folded up (see below.  I also decided to incorporate some of the shisha embroidery techniques I learned from Shanaz Khan — and this also helped me pull the yellow into the wide end of the case.

The interior is lined with fabric.  I chose a paisley from stash.  There is a pocket for storing stitching supplies.  Then, I decided to add some storage for needles and a pin cushion.  My pin from Katie Green monitors the situation and helps to keep everything in good order.

The pouch at the narrow end of the marsma is tempting for storage of scissors, but they tend to slide out.  So I find it’s useful for thread, which stays in place a little better.  Below you can see how the pouch is folded and wrapped for storage, so the contents stay neatly tucked away.