Episode 250

The Back Porch

  • short socks knit in It’s a Chard Sock Life from KnitSpinFarm

The Front Porch

Taking Back the River, a pattern for toe-up socks, is currently being test knit and will be published on June 20th.  It is the first of a four-pattern collection that will be released in the coming year.  All designs are inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run with the Wolves.  Follow #wwrwtwcollection and #takingbacktheriversocks on IG.

  • Taking Back the River test knit in Sojourner Sock from Birch Hollow Fibers
  • Rift Tee by Jacqueline Cieslak in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Cotton Comfort
  • Bressay by Marie Wallin in MW British Breeds


And Sew Forth

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  1. I very much enjoy your podcast, Probably do with my love of knitting, sewing, and cooking (sometimes). I am also trying to build a mostly handmade wardrobe, and yours is very inspiring. I have a suggestion for your knit mask. I wonder if you reverse the pleats you might avoid the problem of the knit material being sucked in when you wear it while exercising.

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