Episode 226

The #yogisockskal will continue during July and August.  Use my free pattern for yoga socks on Ravelry and post your progress to Instagram and on the Ravelry thread.  I will be making a donation to SoulFire Farm based on listener posts.

Current Projects

  • Niamh by Isabell Kraemer
  • Yell by Marie Wallin

Off the Shelf

2 thoughts on “Episode 226”

  1. Thank you, Margaret, for listening and for your comments on this episode. I hope you enjoy Kimmerer!

  2. I enjoyed this episode very much especially the Three Sisters reading. I looked for the book and found it used, I ordered it. I’ve listened to this episode several times and enjoyed it more each time. I’m so glad you introduced me to Robin Kimerer, thank you!
    I’ve been affiliated with my local County Extension program trained in their Master Gardener program back in 2009 so I have quite an appreciation for the way she explains how legumes fix nitrogen in the soil to make it available for use by other plants. I think it will help me better explain to our clients this process!

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