Episode 263

I recorded in the early hours of December 16th, with Winter Storm Gail approaching.  In this episode, I share the details of my forthcoming hat design, recent knitting project, and an interview with Allison Page about a crowdfunded campaign to bring handspun cotton yarn to handknitters.

Meet Waffles (Ravelry link).  I used three strands of wool yarn to imitate the look of Susan B. Anderson’s product.  The result is pleasing, but I underestimated the skill and time needed to knit a seriously cute toy!

On a bit of a whim, I decided to participate in the swap Louise hosts on her Caithness Craft Collective podcast.  I’m so glad I got involved and exchanged gift packages with Lorna.  Look at this array of goodies from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Lorna and I enjoyed a zoom call, and I learned that she has been researching all about the history and symbolism of wreaths. You can read about her findings on her most recent blog post.

Allison Page, the Program Director of TATTER, joined me to discuss a crowdfunding campaign for handspun cotton yarn.  If you are interested in backing the project, or if you would like to share with someone who might be interested, you can find the link HERE.

Episode 262

I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude this week.  These meditations have been fueled by webinars, conversations with friends, and reading.  In this episode, I share some of those thoughts, as well as the details of my finished Bressay, an acorn squash recipe that is makes a special addition to any fall menu, and some new stitching projects.


Oh, I love this sweater.  Complete, and I mean COMPLETE details can be found on my Ravelry entry for this project.


Acorn squash with coconut custard filling — fresh out of the oven (above) and drizzled with cider syrup (below).  This dish is dynamite.  I love the sweet and savory notes; hint of sage, vanilla, and orange.  It is very special and plates up delightfully!


Shisha stitched ornaments will be going out to special friends and family this holiday season. I was fortunate to learn this technique from a TATTER class.  Check out their offerings, as well as the quarterly journal which launched this weekend.  Issue 1: Isolation. So visually compelling and containing lots of inspiration.


In Transit” by Naomi Shihab Nye

Episode 261

In this episode, I there is sock talk, progress on my Bressay, lots of ideas for fall cooking, and some stories from our getaway to Beacon, NY.  I close the episode with a new-to-me poem by a very accomplished American poet and editor.

The Back Porch

Ribbed socks (RAV LINK)  in Lichen & Lace Sweet Potato colorway. I love this yarn and intend to purchase more! These socks knit up as quick as can be. Ribbed socks make a great gift as the fit is quite forgiving.

Yarn Lover at Large: 24 hours in Beacon, NY

My haul from Beetle & Fred in Beacon, NY.  It’s all sewing-related but I swear there is a good selection of yarn there too!  I adore this shop and I’m looking forward to working with this gorgeous double gauze.  I think it will become another Mississippi Avenue Dress. I plan to make another Mandy Boat Tee from the knit fabric.

Ever-Expanding Skill Set

Off the Shelf


Episode 260

Project updates, poetry, making sense of meal planning, and the enigmatic influence of goddesses.


Toe-up socks (RAVELRY LINK)  knit from a sock blank dyed by Maria of Ninjachickens.

All the colorwork on my Bressay sweater (RAVELRY LINK) is complete, thanks to an assist from Marybeth with the colors Eau De Nil and Pale Oak!  Now, on to the Mulberry!


I can highly recommend this 5-ingredient apple cake recipe for dessert, snack, and especially breakfast!

Chicken Normande recommended by listener Sue (studionoodling) No photo but the brandy cream sauce — yum.  I will definitely continue “playing fast and loose” with this recipe.

Spilled Milk episode on Meal Planning


Teri Ellen Cross Davis is my new favorite poet.  Find YOUR new favorite poet by participating in the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival — running through November 1.

Goddess of Cleaning” poem text

Goddess of Cleaning” video of poet reading

Knowledge of the Brown Body” video of poet reading

bio and more poems

a more perfect Union — coming February 2021


Episode 259

Since receiving my stenciled fabric from FiberTrek Sarah, I’ve been in a stitch trance. In this episode, I talk about starting my first Alabama Chanin-inspired garment.  There’s a bit of knitting, a recommendation for a tile-placement game, and poems by Nobel prize winner Louise Glück.

Savory Dishes with Apples


I’ve been enjoying the work on this sock blank from Maria (ninjachickens) and knitting on my Blackthorn dpns.

Here is Amy jumpsuit #2, drip drying after another dip in the walnut dye bath.  I’m trying to correct some streaking that occurred on the left front panel, right at the crotch area.  It seems that the problem may be caused by an imperfection or inconsistency in the fabric.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Russ

LINK to Cascadia on Kickstarter

This product has been fully funded and the fundraising targets are making it better and better.  Plus, there’s a single-player game to try online!

Nobel Prize in Literature Awarded to Louise Glück

Episode 258

We went apple picking near Kerhonkson, NY.  Determined to remember what we picked, I asked Samuel to photograph apples with their markers.  The Cox Orange Pippin was new to me and a tremendous find, with sweet and tart in each bite and a very nice texture for eating out of hand.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Use your social media platform to share healthy messages, amplify the posts of others, or make a contribution by taking meaningful action.


After quite a bit of un-doing and re-knitting, I got a good fit on the Tokonatsu sweater (RAVELRY LINK) designed by Bernice Lim.  I love wearing it with this very special shisha necklace.


This eco-printed sock blank dyed by ninjachickens has been sitting in my stash for a few years.  It’s the first time I’ve knit from a sock blank and I took out my Blackthorn dpns for the task.  I’m enjoying the colors — like knitting the clear blue sky with colorful leaves falling in the breeze.


  • Sheet Pan Dinner with chicken, apples and Brussels sprouts


I finished the Moon Phases Cloth Book I’ve been working on all summer, and dyed up some linen in a walnut bath — destined to become a second Amy Jumpsuit.



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