Episode 322

I’m so pleased with KORE, designed by Maysa Tomikawa. This design will be released in January for knitters and crocheters.
Here is my Reversible Scarf, designed by Nikolett Corley and featured in Common Threads Issue No. 1. I LOVE the squishy texture that is achieved with 1×1 ribbed cables. This is a great pattern for your very special yarn. Make it extra long so that it can be a pillow, a scarf, or a lap blanket.
Me, Audrey, and my completed Reversible Scarf. It’s great for a wintery day in NYC.
Beautiful, botanically-dyed Tidal yarn by Patricia Fortinsky. I’m working on a second version of the Därta by Inese Sang, incorporating a botanical motif from the Pusteblumen cowl by Wollmuschi.
Visible mending on the right sleeve inseam of my Cambria Duster. I love wearing this garment so much that I’m motivated to keep patching and darning as needed.

Stitching bojagi and learning different seam types as I go with this beautiful (I mean exquisite) book on the topic by Sarah Cook.

“Candle Hat” by Billy Collins