Episode 326

The winner of Q1 Ko-fi contributor prize is Jennie / Salmon! Jennie wins a pair of custom made socks by Woolen Waves. Check out Sarah’s sock styles and try to catch up with her at a festival or event.

The Q2 prize will be awarded at the Summer Solstice. Battenkill Fiber Mill is contributing a skein of Granville sock yarn (RWS certified wool) dyed by Lily Marsh or Sassy Black Yarns. To enter, become a monthly contributor or make a one-time contribution by June 21st.

I’ve been working to mend runs and thin spots on my Cambria Duster, sewing in Merchant & Mills wool/linen double gauze. I’m using woven patches, seed stitch, patches sewn on with blanket stitch, and some tambourine stitch (see below) which is blanket / buttonhole stitch worked in a circular fashion.

I’m incredibly pleased that Cal Patch will be teaching a Mending = Love workshop at Orange:Coffee.Art.Music. on Sunday, May 19th. This will be a big and important weekend for me, since I’m organizing a fiber arts show at the Orange gallery and celebrating my 50th birthday. Come celebrate with my by engaging in some mending! It will be a great time and a chance to learn from Cal’s expertise. LINK to tickets!

Here is my completed Botanical Sweater, featuring yarn dyed by Patricia of Tidal Yarns. I re-knit the Därta sweater designed by Inese Sang, with multiple modifications, including a pretty complicated chart called Pusteblumen. You can find the details for this knit on my Ravelry project page.

I continue to spin on my Jenkins Turkish spindles (here is the Lark in Osage Orange) during the #the100dayproject, encouraged by Beverly Army. Each month, I receive her Creative Endeavors newletter with personal observations, plans, links, and inspiration. Check it out.

Off the Shelf: “The Last Hummingbird of Summer” by Beth Ann Fennelly in POETRY March 2024