Episode 88: Approximation and Poetry

cover88In this episode, I talk about some completed projects, a new-to-me cast on method, and more crafting on the horizon. Our summer read-along of Victoria Finlay’s Color: A Natural History of the Palette, concludes with some introspection about the poetry and mathematics of color. I’ll review my attempt to convert a New York Strip steak to bacon lusciousness — have you ever heard of meat bacon? In September, let’s talk lunches; specifically, how do you stock your pantry for healthy, satisfying lunches for school, work, or fun outings? Have you been thinking about joining the Asymmetri-CAL?  There is still a month left to complete a garment or accessory that’s asymmetrical in design, construction, or use of color. Click here for details and prize information.

The Front Porch

Ysolda’s long tail tubular cast-on tutorial

Angel Babies by Angelea McGarrah

Rhode Island Red by Pam Sluter

The Back Porch

Dotted Rays by Stephen West
Dotted Rays by Stephen West
woven scarf w/ 3-ply Corriedale handspun
woven scarf w/ 3-ply Corriedale handspun

Ever-expanding Skill Set

meat bacon recipe by Barton Seaver (Where There's Smoke)
meat bacon barely lasted long enough for me to snap this photo — recipe by Barton Seaver (Where There’s Smoke)