Episode 290

Holiday gift making is complete and I celebrated by casting on a bunch of new projects. In this episode I talk about knitting gnomes, making carrot bacon, my dismissive attitude toward swatching, and I share a new poem by Amanda Gorman.

CAN (Creative Advocacy Networking) Retreat website for more information. Contact me if you are interested in contributing to a mini-grant for retreat participants.
New and festive cast on of KnitSpinFarm self-striping sock yarn in the Deep Woods Solstice Celebration colorway.
Introducing Bjorn (ceramic), Gnatalie, and Gnaomi.
(Carrot) bacon-wrapped dates. I began with a recipe and improvised some of the ingredients.

Amanda Gorman’s recent poems are featured in the December 13, 2021 online version of The New Yorker, including “Lucent,” which I read on this episode.