Episode 181

Process vs. product knitting is a focus of this episode, as I have completed a year-long project just in time for the upcoming New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

The Back Porch

Completed spin: Hog Island gradient from The Ross Farm. 475 yards / 150 grams of sport-weight 2-ply.

The Front Porch

Yarn Lover at Large

See you at Hope’s Favorite Things. Shop Löuet, Ashford and Majacraft spinning wheels & equipment, plus NEW Harrisville Designs yarn!

Ever-expanding Skill Set

October is all about the braise!  In this episode, I talk about the history of braising, and a definition from a 1901 cookbook, plus four tips for braising (and three additional ideas for amping up the flavor). I tried a recipe from The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook, and I’d love to talk braising strategy with you on the Ravelry thread.

Off the Shelf