Episode 172

This episode includes: The Back Porch, The Front Porch, Ever-expanding Skill Set, And Sew Forth.  I announce the winners of #summertopmal prizes at the top of this episode.

Thank you for contributing prizes for the #summertopmal:

The Back Porch

Tsumuzikaze by michiyo, knit it Blacker Yarn Samite


The Front Porch

  • Rose Candy by Martina Behm, knit in Jill Draper’s Rifton
  • A Twist to It by Melanie Berg, knit in Shackleton yarn

Ever-expanding Skill Set

Note: The video is vintage Minimalist (2007). I use the food processor attachment for my blender to create a course texture when grinding the beans.  And I used black-eyed peas instead of chickpeas.  If the dough is too wet, add a tablespoon of chickpea or other flour to absorb the moisture.

Natural Dyeing

Indigo-dyed linen circle skirt.


Indigo-dyed t-shirt using shirred stitching for detail.


Handspun Shetland dyed in alkanet, madder, and indigo. These colors will be knit into a colorwork yoke on the Bressay dress.

And Sew Forth