Tag: slowfashion

Episode 328

Yes, I swatched and lived to tell about it! In this episode, I give the details of finished socks, Rhinebeck sweater planning, making simple syrups, and a poem in celebration of Pride Month. All that, plus an update on the Q2 Ko-fi prizes that will be drawn and announced in the next episode.

Episode 324

This episode is anchored by my intentions set over the first two weeks of February: honor creative impulses and open your heart. I share a number of new works, talk about my continued spinning progress, and read a poem by Andrea Gibson, poet laureate of Colorado.

Episode 323

It’s an episode about socks and sneakers. I’m back to sock knitting as a portable project after a hiatus of several months AND I made my own pair of sneakers — and lived to tell about it! Have a listen!

Episode 321

Items not to scale is a certain path to charm. That is what I’m finding as I enjoy my holiday decorations this season. This episode contains an update on my test crochet of KORE, designed by Maysa Tomikawa. I’ve been doing some daily spinning and very much enjoying my advent puzzle. All this, plus a fresh poem by Naomi Shihab Nye.