Episode 208

Success mending one garment gives me the courage to snip into another on this week’s episode.  I talk about new patterns in my queue, yarns I’m itching to knit with, and my adventures at NYS&W with Samuel. Mending is a theme, but I forgot to mention that I purchased Katrina Rodabaugh’s new book.

The Front Porch

  • KnitSpinFarm‘s Targhee fingering in RAD-ish
  • Hog Island poncho


  • Humulus: add shaping and fabric to the neckline to bring it closer to the neck
  • Lotta: snip into dress, unravel pink haze (2″), pick up all stitches, continue knitting (alternating skeins) for 5-6″ inches, graft sections of dress together

Upcoming Projects

Rhinebeck Haul

The World’s Cutest Sheep

Off the Shelf

Mending Time” by David Mason