Episode 105: Fluff and Flame

cover105aI hope this episode brings light and warmth on a bleak January day. This week, I have been knitting Flaum, a cropped cardigan in a contemporary design by Justyna Lorkowska. I’ve also been working on a pair of socks with a strong heel — a new type of heel for me. Spinning meditation has helped me to keep my calm and focus since the new year. I’m cooking with potatoes, and have been enjoying the search for new-to-me, nourishing recipes. This episode closes with a poem from the Folk issue of Taproot magazine; it references Hestia, the Greek goddess of hearth, home, and the altar.

Behind the Music

For a few listeners who inquired about the podcast’s theme song, it is Saweeet. Lyrics by Samuel Saint Thomas.  If you’ve been humming along, not sure of the words, you can find them here. The version I use was recorded by Krista Long, but you can download a copy of Bovine Social Club’s version here.

The Front Porch

This week, I received a lot of feedback on my IG video of knitting 1×1 rib. Since I learned to crochet before I learned to knit, I naturally began as a Continental knitter, tensioning the yarn in my left hand. This is very comfortable for me, and I have a way of levering the yarn in front of my knitting to create a purl stitch.

Ever-expanding Skill Set

“At what point are leftovers considered expired?” asks Ravelry user rsrinstructor. If you have thoughts to share on this topic, please add them to this week’s episode thread.

Gratitude Journal

  • “When We Gathered to Stock Up on Light” by Kyce Bello in Taproot Issue 15
  • more about the Greek goddess Hestia