Episode 61: Warping & Weeping

cover61This week’s episode includes the following segments: The Back Porch, Chin Waggin’, The Front Porch,  A Little Bit of Learning, and Double Happiness. You’ll hear about my disastrous attempt to start a scarf for Samuel. I have some before pics, but no after, because I don’t believe in photographing carnage. Also, there’s a bit of investigation about types of flour. I’ll be taking a digital detox this week. I typically refrain from shopping on Friday, but this year I plan to go a step further and spend Friday in quiet contemplation and reflection. I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.



Here’s the warp at about 3:30 pm.  I enjoy this setup on my porch.  But the temperature was near freezing and it started to get dark VERY quickly.  I’ve learned my lesson.  Porch weaving is for much warmer temperatures. Now that I’ve found another gift idea and I’m well into the knitting, I feel much, much better!

Here’s a link to “Butter” by Elizabeth Alexander. You can listen to an audio file of the poet reading her work.