Six years ago, I learned to crochet in a professional development course called “Crochet for Stress Relief.” I had never been much of a crafty person — but I fell in love with the fiber arts. The next summer, I learned to knit by watching video tutorials. Then, I took my first spinning class and purchased a Louet wheel. When my mother discovered a loom in her attic,  I took it home to figure it out. The setting for all of this crafting is a lovely tea house near Delaware Water Gap, PA. I’ve been a longtime listener of audio podcasts and I’m happy to add my contribution with Yarns at Yin Hoo.

Thank you for joining me.

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  1. Hi Sara, I was catching up on podcast episodes today while I’m knitting. I was looking at your website and ran across my first comment in March 2014 saying how I found your podcast. I know I am a long time listener but now I see it’s been four years and 8 months that I’ve been listening. I enjoy it even more these days and am so happy I found you. I also enjoy the Ravelry group and Instagram. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I noticed that my name maggie on that old comment is linked to my old website domain that I dispensed of this year, I wouldn’t figure out how to edit that link to give my current information, perhaps that’s something only the admin can do?

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful podcast. It is always professional and enjoyable.

    I was listening to another podcast recently, that I think you might find interesting. The podcast is, “Teaching Your Brain to Knit,” and in Episode 63, she spends considerable time discussing the link between knitting and applied math. In particular, she explains a study that shows how the applied math involved in knitting can open doors for more STEM careers for girls and women. Given your involvement with the group “String Theory,” I thought you might find this particularly intriguing.


    Hope you enjoy it,


  3. Sara’s “Better than Cookies” recipe for healthy, baked, no fat, gluten/soy/dairy free seed crackers is absolutely fabulous! These crackers have a hint of sweetness along with that crunch we all crave from time to time. The brand “Mary’s Gone Crackers” are similar but pricey, but a home made batch of Sara’s recipe will be fresher, fragrant and softer on your teeth. They are perfect for an after-the-holidays detox and a staple for any season since they taste great and give a healthy energy boost.

  4. Hey thanks so much for tuning in and enjoying the recipes. I have thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving and I’m working on a pumpkin gnocchi recipe right now.

  5. Sara,
    Had to let you know the “who needs cookies” recipe is fabulous! I made them for the last show we had and everybody loved them. I sent a boat load of folks to your site for the recipe. I’m making more for Thanksgiving. Have a good one.

  6. Stumbled here from reading up on Ravellenics and just want to say HUZZAH! Love your projects, wit and willingness to share. Thank you and may you have a blessed and happy new year!

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