Author: Sara

Episode 297

This newly-completed Brise cardigan in 100% yak yarn is going with me everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. In this episode, I talk about felted landscape sketches in Provincetown, upcoming Slow Fashion classes at Yin Hoo studio, and a giveaway of brilliant fiber from Riot of Color. Plus, a poem by Major Jackson.

Episode 296

In this episode, I talk about knitting Brise cardigan no.3 and sewing a blouse based on a commercially made top. There’s also exciting news about

Episode 295

I’m knitting Brise cardigan no. 3 in beautiful lace weight yak yarn, thinking carefully about small modifications and sharing tips for picking up and knitting

Episode 294

In this episode, I talk about projects I’ve been working on (and completing) this spring. There’s knitting, sewing, cooking, and a poem in celebration of

Episode 293

In this episode, Marybeth and I reflect on our 100 days of wearing a wool.and dress and pairing it with hand sewn and hand knit garments from our wardrobes. 

Episode 292

In this episode, I catch listeners up on recent knitting projects, like my completed Baltian sweater. I’m contemplating patterns for summer tops. Plus, sustainable options for buying and recycling and a poem by Amy Gerstler.

Episode 291

In this episode, I provide a quick update on December knitting projects. Then, I share a conversation I had with Kelly Vaughn (knitswag), who is working to update Virginia Woods Bellamy’s Number Knitting for the contemporary knitter.

Episode 290

Holiday gift making is complete and I celebrated by casting on a bunch of new projects. In this episode I talk about knitting gnomes, making carrot bacon, my dismissive attitude toward swatching, and I share a new poem by Amanda Gorman.

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