Episode 320

Dressed in our best and ready to take in Unspun: Stories of Silk, a multi-stop exhibit tracing silk production in the Lehigh Valley.
The Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts features the work of contemporary fiber artists who are using silk as a medium.
The exhibit features a children’s area with interactive fun. Of course, we took advantage!

Our creations at the Kemerer Museum.
The final stop on the Unspun tour is the National Museum of Industrial History, with information and examples of machinery and supplies that were used in silk production, as well as details of the workers’ lives and working conditions.
I stood for a very long time admiring this very large piece of ink on paper: Marquee: Kwon Young-woo (1926–2013). Untitled, 1984. Ink and gouache on hanji (Korean paper), 88 3/16 x 66 15/16 in. (224 x 170 cm). Lineages is on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I am now five repeats in to the Reversible Scarf pattern by Nikolette Corley, which I discovered in the Abundance issue of the Common Threads publication. I will need nine repeats total to reach a luxurious scarf length. This pattern is a great choice for any homespun or farm yarn you have in stash. It lies nice and flat, looks excellent from both sides, and is a unisex design.
I’m so pleased that Maysa Tomikawa has selected me to join in a test crochet of Kore.
The yarn for my test crochet is Linen Quill and Tussock from Purl Soho.
Here’s a photo of my work on Hare Moon. I am really enjoying the thinking process required to manage light and dark when making a linocut print.
I’m pleased with this result and was able to print some holiday cards to honor the full moon near Christmas time in the Year of the Rabbit.
This episode’s poem is “38 Billion” by Naomi Shihab Nye. It comes from her collection, The Tiny Journalist, poems inspired by the work of a young Palestinian journalist, Janna Jihad Ayyad. After recording this episode, I discovered a YouTube video featuring Nye reading selections from this book.