Episode 307

It was an honor and a pleasure to share upcycling techniques and reverse appliqué stitching with visual art educators and fiber enthusiasts at the Michener Museum this month. Participants were able to view and discuss two textile exhibits and try their hand at some techniques that they could adapt or replicate for their classrooms.
Completed mittens adapting a simple mitten pattern from Tin Can Knits and Falling Hoarfrost self-striping yarn from KnitSpinFarm.
Taproot Make9 for 2023. Over the holidays, I went through my collection of Taproot issues and selected nine projects that I’d like to complete this year.
The Beetroot Brownies from Issue 23: TRADE are moist with a delicate texture and rich from three different types of chocolate.

The results of Stitch Camp play at Dee’s house, which is a wonderland of art and craft supplies, color, tools and texture.
In this photo, the Z is unstitched, but I have stitched and pressed this sampler from Dropcloth Samplers and plan to have it framed.

EPISODE 307 GIVEAWAY: Bear Mountain Sock 100% Dorset fiber sock yarn (machine washable) from Cornwall Yarn Shop. In handpainted colors by Wobble Gobble and botanically dyed colors from Green Matters. Enter by making a comment on this episode or adding a comment to the post for this episode on Instagram. Thank you Gail for this generous offer.

Off the Shelf

“Prairie Dusk” by E. Edward Horne in Taproot Issue 53: AMEND