Episode 296

In this episode, I talk about knitting Brise cardigan no.3 and sewing a blouse based on a commercially made top. There’s also exciting news about Slow Fashion Summer Camp, a series of class sessions focused on handwork and the creation of wearable art. Finally, I share some literary passages about the wood thrush, which, as Thoreau noted, is “a Shakespeare among birds.”

I was smitten by the Forever 21 top a colleague wore to work this spring. She brought it in so that I could create a
pattern and here is the result, sewn in a very lightweight fabric that was a gift from my sister, Jessica. I added facings to the
V-neckline and used bias tape for the back neck. The sleeves are not separate; they are part of the two fronts and the back.
I went very dramatic on the hi-lo hem. I’m pleased with this light and airy summer layer.

Slow Fashion Summer Camp

A glimpse of the new studio space at The Castle Inn, where I will be hosting
Slow Fashion Summer Camp, and other classes in the future. See the link below for more information and to register.

overview of class sessions and materials

registration information

Birdnote episode featuring the Wood Thrush

all about the Wood Thrush on Cornell’s ornithology site

“The Wood Thrush: Forest Flautist” article featuring sound clips