Episode 259

Since receiving my stenciled fabric from FiberTrek Sarah, I’ve been in a stitch trance. In this episode, I talk about starting my first Alabama Chanin-inspired garment.  There’s a bit of knitting, a recommendation for a tile-placement game, and poems by Nobel prize winner Louise Glück.

Savory Dishes with Apples


I’ve been enjoying the work on this sock blank from Maria (ninjachickens) and knitting on my Blackthorn dpns.

Here is Amy jumpsuit #2, drip drying after another dip in the walnut dye bath.  I’m trying to correct some streaking that occurred on the left front panel, right at the crotch area.  It seems that the problem may be caused by an imperfection or inconsistency in the fabric.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Russ

LINK to Cascadia on Kickstarter

This product has been fully funded and the fundraising targets are making it better and better.  Plus, there’s a single-player game to try online!

Nobel Prize in Literature Awarded to Louise Glück