Episode 245

It’s another episode delivered blog style, but this time I do have some photographs and show notes.


I’ve been very busy with sewing masks for health care workers.  I’m using the pattern from Craft Passion. The outside fabric is scrap cotton; the lining is 100% cotton flannel, and the elastic is 1/4″. These masks are going the LVHN Pocono, my local hospital. So far, the feedback has been enthusiastic.


Found the Bald Eagle AND the nest on my morning walk this week.


Some spinning I’m doing on my collection of Jenkins’ Turkish spindles: Aegean, Lark and Kuchulu, all dressed with Hobbledehoy battlings.


I had great success with the oatmeal cracker recipe from the GRAIN issue of Taproot.  We have been enjoying them with cream cheese, chèvre, and savory jams and jellies.  They are a delicious with a heart soup.

I’ve been taking Evan Kleiman’s suggestion of using leftovers as mise en place for the next meal.  There’s a helpful segment about stocking up on staples on the most recent Good Food podcast.