Episode 210

I’ve been infatuated with hand embroidery and dimensional appliqué on knitted fabric over the past week.  Now it’s time to get back to my knitting if I want to complete the Doocot during the month of November.

And Sew Forth

The series of photos below shows the details of my latest sewing project, the Haremere jacket, from Merchant & Mills’ Workbook. To date, this is the most complex pattern I have attempted.  I’m pleased with the results, and you can see by the photos that I’ve been wearing this jacket — a lot! For the most part, I found the directions clear and easy to follow.  The sleeve directions had me scratching my head though, and I’m not sure that I made them as directed; my sleeve does not look like those pictured in the book.  I made the size small, and it’s a very good fit through the body.  The length is perfect.  The sleeves are a bit short.  When I make this again I will extend the sleeves to the medium length.  I love the lined and roomy pockets, as well as the softened shaping throughout, plus little details like the loop to hang the jacket.

Here’s a shot of my Alabama Chanin style knit scarf in progress.

Off the Shelf

The Problem” by Jane Hirschfield

I was introduced to a new word — quipu, which has been described as a textile version of an abacus, used by ancient Incas to record information and calculations, as they did not have a system of written language.  You can find out more here.