Episode 174

So much color in the Natural Dye Intensive course I took with Jane Woodhouse.  The class, hosted by Hope’s Favorite Things, was an excellent primer on achieving the natural color you want by making careful calculations and mixing dye extracts.

The Back Porch

Yarn spun from Cluck and Baa Farm’s Clun Forest roving. This yarn is spindle-spun and wheel-plied, resulting in a soft, springy product. A high-twist 3-ply would be an excellent candidate for socks!
Batts of Hog Island fiber from a fleece I split with Emily of FibreTown. These batts will be a dream to spin. Working with a drum carder was a good way to remove debris from the fleece.

The Front Porch

I’m planning to cast on Ujo, a dress design by Ankestrick, for the #hipsterkal hosted by Jaclyn of the Brooklyn Knitfolk podcast.

I think I’m going to get mileage out of single skeins by using this color palette.

Ever-expanding Skill Set

Grilled Romain is becoming a summer go-to. The topping possibilities are endless — here I’ve used chopped bacon and hard-boiled egg. Check out the Dishing Up the Dirt blog for recipe ideas.
Wow your guests with very little exertion on your part by grilling peaches at the end of the meal. Close all oxygen intake and let them go. Charred bits on the surface; skins slip right off. Top with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with a balsamic reduction for an over-the-top yum factor.