Tag: slow fashion

Episode 301

Scrappy sewing projects have multiplied and now I’m thinking my way slowly to my first quilting project. I’m starting and re-starting Xmas knitting and immersing myself in 100 days of poetry.

Episode 298

A catch-up on finished projects and upcoming makes — including my Rhinebeck sweater. Plus, pollinators, recipes to savor summer, and a poem by Fatimah Asghar.

Episode 297

This newly-completed Brise cardigan in 100% yak yarn is going with me everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. In this episode, I talk about felted landscape sketches in Provincetown, upcoming Slow Fashion classes at Yin Hoo studio, and a giveaway of brilliant fiber from Riot of Color. Plus, a poem by Major Jackson.

Episode 296

In this episode, I talk about knitting Brise cardigan no.3 and sewing a blouse based on a commercially made top. There’s also exciting news about

Episode 295

I’m knitting Brise cardigan no. 3 in beautiful lace weight yak yarn, thinking carefully about small modifications and sharing tips for picking up and knitting

Episode 283

It’s been a month (almost), and I have lots of making news, including another Amy jumpsuit hack, an upcycled Anthopologie belt, Tour de Fleece yardage, summer recipes I’ve been loving, and a poem by Teri Ellen Cross Davis.