Episode 314

Hi, everyone. I’m taking a textiles workshop at Peter’s Valley this weekend, and pre-recorded this episode to catch you up on my projects. Check my IG feed for photos and videos of the workshop. I’m attending with my friend Dee, who took most of the photos.
Here’s an update on my fingerless mitts knitting. I am now well into pair no. 3, and thoroughly enjoying JoAnna’s #outsidethesocksCAL.
Here is Holderness, a camisole knit in Quince & Co Kestrel. I am now ready to work the front and back separately.
Spinning Lenore, 1/4 of a coated Romney / Corriedale from Shepherd’s Hey Farm. I made batts and the spinning is dreamy smooth. My plan is to create a 2-ply fingering / sport weight. I will decide what to knit when I know my finished yardage.
I’ve been working on some prints — cutting into this rubber block and using luminous paints to create cards and small prints on paper. I find the process extremely engaging, and have been using this medium to communicate something of my body’s recent journey.
I have been making Kaity Farrell’s recipe for Musikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie) and riffing on the dough for the crust ever since I received Issue 57:: BLUE. In this episode, I share all of the reasons why I think this recipe is just dynamite and some of my variations.