Episode 311

Thank you to everyone who has made a financial contribution to help the Clean Fleece project — to create a fiber scouring facility in the Northeast. I received an enormous banner, which is decorating my porch and reminding me of all the positive energy surrounding this project.
It’s the conclusion of #memademay. I made an effort to post photos of a few looks each week to Instagram. Thank you for the positive feedback and enthusiasm for this project. My conclusion regarding the combination of hand-sewn and handknit garments is that I like cropped sweaters worn over dresses and jumpsuits with long lines. I’m also becoming a little more flexible and imaginative when it comes to mixing colorful pieces. The Amy Jumpsuit and the Ogden Cami are some of my most-worn patterns, so there are plans afoot for more of those in the future.
Check it out! This is the Bear Mountain Sock, one of several local Hudson Valley yarns that Gail offers in her Cornwall Yarn Shop. This yarn is 100% Dorset, so if you’ve been looking for a non-superwash yarn that stands up to machine washing — you MUST try this. The yarn is beefy and lofty, which is why I’m knitting on my Blackthorn dpns for dense gauge. What’s more, this (soon-to-be) pair of socks could be yours! To enter, become a Ko-fi supporter or make a one-time contribution before June 21. I will customize this pair of socks for the lucky winner.
I’m participating in the #outsidethesocksCAL hosted by JoAnna of KnitSpinFarm. It may look like I’m knitting socks now, but these will turn into some mitts for the unflappable phlebotomist at my local cancer center, who has been such a professional and a champ throughout my treatment.

I’m working on the final step of the Moonshadow Table Runner from Taproot Issue #44 EMERGE. The grid outline was due to an oversight on my part, but I’m pleased with the results. I am very happy with my color choices and all of the handstitching I’m doing. The only machine stitching was to attach the binding — but I’m handsewing the back to finish it. HERE is the tutorial I mentioned in this episode, explaining a clever way to sew in the end of the binding without any hassle or measuring.

This episode features a passage from Wendell Berry‘s “A Native Hill,” first published in The Hudson Review in winter of 1968-69.