Episode 291

A side view of the Diamond Design Sweater, which Kelly was wearing during our zoom call. This is a good example of how multiple knitted pieces, placed at opposing angles, provide stretch and stability. The colors of the arrows highlight the construction.
Here is an excerpt from the Mary Thomas’s Knitting Book, which Kelly mentions in our conversation as an unusual publication, as it was devoted entirely to technique. The book includes several examples of mitered assemblages.
Kelly’s knitted sample of the Lambs and Butterflies Blanket (above) and the chart for the project (below). By starting in the center of the blanket, and using a combination of shapes and colors, the knitter creates a charming scene of frolicking lambs.

LINKS for Knitswag and Number Knitting

Kelly can be found as knitswag on the Yarnpond test knitting site.

Kelly is documentgeek on Ravelry and has set up a Ravelry group on the subject of Number Knitting.

You can purchase a digital copy of Number Knitting, as well as unique and clever gifts with knitting motifs and Fair Isle patterning, like the one pictured below, on Kelly’s Etsy shop.