Episode 280

In this episode, I talk about my completed KnitLoops socks, a shawl in progress, working on woodturning, and give a recommendation for a BBQ sauce made with rhubarb. Of course there are new socks already on the needles and I share a poem by Jameson Fitzpatrick titled “A Poem for Pulse.”

Knitloops socks designed by Amelia Archer are complete! Check #knitloopskal to see the other fabulous projects.
Of course, completed socks means another pair on the needles. Here is my cast on with Fibernymph Dyeworks’ Fungi Pi(e) on her Traveler base. And the new project bag is from Hide & Horn!
I’ve finally made it to the mosiac knitting on my Craghill shawl. The yarn is gorgeous Distelfink Fibers Farm Fingering.

Ever-expanding Skill Set

Rhubarb BBQ sauce recipe from Leda Meredith

Off the Shelf

“A Poem for Pulse” by Jameson Fitzpatrick