Episode 275

This episode centers on discussion of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s newsletters — how they evolved over time from a sales list to the biennial publication Wool Gathering; how they became a means for EZ to share knitting designs and variations in template form; and most importantly,  how the newsletters helped to make a growing knitting community visible to itself.  Dr. Lilly Marsh, engaging and entertaining as ever, shares evidence and details from her research.

Dr. Lilly has shared a slideshow of images featuring EZ’s published patterns. You can find a video of the slideshow on YouTube.

Comments are welcome!  You are invited to post your comment to this blog post.  You may also contact Dr. Lilly via her website, Lilly Marsh Studios.  Finally, there is a thread with lively chatter on the Yarns at Yin Hoo group on Ravelry.

The “Dear Knitter” salutation, as well as the long, narrow size produced on off-cuts of paper from a local printer, are evident in this photograph of Newsletter #2, Winter 1959.

Newsletter #12, which includes a steeked Aran V-neck pattern. Illustrations of the cables were hand-drawn by Elizabeth.


2 thoughts on “Episode 275”

  1. Hi, Silvia. Thank you for sharing your story about the importance of keeping these fiber traditions alive and sharing them with young people — or anyone who wants to learn. It’s a great way to honor the legacy of EZ!

  2. So delightful and inspiring. EZ laid the foundation for our community of today and we are responsible for carrying the torch of “democratic craftsmanship” and sharing with others. I recently received a message from a young friend about an antique spinning wheel she had purchased and that she was having trouble getting going at the process. She would be happy to pay me for lessons. I responded that I would be thrilled to help her and I did not want payment other than the joy of having another person come to love the process of working with fibre and making yarn. It is akin the passing knowledge to the next generation to ensure the knowledge is not lost and that they add to it for the subsequent generation. There is a place for paid lessons and workshops but if we continually monetize the passing of knowledge we are right back to the time prior to EZ and her building of community.

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