Episode 273

This episode is focused primarily on Zimmermann’s early work with industry and how she managed a parallel track between developing her own mail order yarn and design publication business with her increasingly critical work within industry spaces and practices.  Dr. Lilly Marsh shares some gems from her research, including excerpts from local newspaper articles, and snippets from “the lost document” that reveal her deepest desires for fostering a knitting community.

Dr. Lilly has shared a slideshow of images featuring EZ’s published patterns. You can find a video of the slideshow on YouTube.

Comments are welcome!  You are invited to post your comment to this blog post.  You may also contact Dr. Lilly via her website, Lilly Marsh Studios.  Finally, there is a thread with lively chatter on the Yarns at Yin Hoo group on Ravelry.

Image of a passage copied (1977) in EZ’s handwriting, from Hundreds and Thousands (1966) by Canadian artist Emily Carr. Near the close of this episode, Dr. Lilly provides a wider context for this passage, based on her wider reading of the text.

4 thoughts on “Episode 273”

  1. Thank you, Nancy. We are having such a good time with this series. Going into depth and detail on a project is a great stress-reliever, too. Cheers.

  2. Dorothy, wow, you have a rich knitting history. I am watching and discussing some of the videos with one of my students, who is pursuing an independent study in knitting this year. Thank you for writing in!

  3. A gift indeed. This is some of the best podcasting around. Thank you, Sara and Lilly, for sharing your conversation with us – each segment is even more engaging than the last!

  4. thank you for this project, i am moved by each segment! i have been knitting for 45 years, and elizabeth zimmerman books, patterns, videos and newsletters was my inspiration. it is incredibly interesting to learn more about who she was…

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