Episode 243

This week, I added the Scalloway Tam to my collection of knits from Marie Wallin’s SHETLAND.  I’ve also been busy with a new sewing project for Spring.  This month we’re discussing sheet pan cooking. I give a number of resources in the episode, but I forgot to mention that this topic features in Issue 37: Spark of Taproot magazine. Look for more on that in the next episode, along with your comments and suggestions.

The Back Porch

And Scalloway makes FOUR.  This week it was chilly and I actually layered all of my fair isle pieces at once.


It all started with a roasted and glazed Brussels sprouts recipe.  After that, sheet pan cooking has been pretty much a weekly event at Yin Hoo.  It’s certainly not a novel idea, but when I learned to cook, stovetop preparations were more common than oven roasting, which was reserved almost exclusively for meats.  But roasting is so great for vegetables, as their sugars are enhanced and their texture is preserved.  I could not find the recipe I learned for Brussels sprouts, but the one below is pretty close.  For the glaze, I like to use equal parts maple syrup, gourmet (not grainy) mustard, and coconut oil.

And Sew Forth