Episode 163


This episode features the following segments: The Front Porch, The Back Porch, Ever-expanding Skill Set, and Off the Shelf.

Cover Art by Samuel St. Thomas

The Front Porch


Join in the Summer Tops Make-along.  Begin April 1; conclude on the first day of summer. Projects in progress are welcome. Tell us what you’re making and share resources on the Ravelry thread.

  • knit
  • crochet
  • sew
  • embellish
  • up-cycle

The Back Porch

Socks with a double gusset heel, as written in a pattern by Cristi Payne. This type of heel is ideal for a wide instep. I experimented with 1×1 and 3×1 rib on this pair. Click image for a link to my project page.


Ever-expanding Skill Set

  • History of salad
  • Bittersweet Roasted Radicchio recipe — this looks so delicious
  • Dishing up the Dirt by Andrea Bemis (recipes on blog and there’s a new cookbook!)
  • share your recipes and photos of salads

Off the Shelf

It’s National Poetry Month.  I’m going to try something new and memorize a poem in celebration.  My choice is “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye. In the recent issue of Taproot magazine, Andrew Maxfield suggests turning poems to songs by first memorizing them. Would you like to join me?  You can memorize a whole poem, a stanza, or just a few lines.  Reciting memorized verse is a great way to enter meditation, or just take a few moments to push the cares of the world from your mind.  I’ll be providing some tips and encouragement for memorization this month.

TIP 1: Type your poem.  Word for word — type it.  Use the same capitalization, punctuation, and line breaks as the author. Print it and place in your wallet, or other location where you can access it during the day. Better yet, print several copies.  Place them all around. Leave one on your night stand so you can read it just before bed and upon waking up.